Our Story

The core principle of WETA is to empower women globally. Over the years, girls and women have been directed what they should do and how they should live their life. Through WETA we would like to change that by creating opportunities for young girls and women and thereby achieve their dreams without the fear of any barriers. Be it an infant, a young girl, a teenager, or a woman, we provide support to every female through various programs, schemes, and campaigns so that they can grow and get equal chances as any male. No, we are not competing against men, but believe in creating a society that encourages equal opportunities and individual, independent identity for women.

Even in the modern world today, where women have made significant progress in various fields, they are constantly facing a plethora of challenges that include severe social evils, domestic abuse, gender inequality, etc. WETA will take necessary steps and work meticulously to eliminate such social barriers. In addition to standing by women in overcoming these social challenges, WETA in collaboration with local governments, and other non-profit and charity organizations will also support economically backward families by creating self-employment opportunities. We will also work towards improving the health and well-being of girl child and women through educational, health, and welfare programs. We will motivate and support women to pursue professional careers that are underrepresented—in politics, as doctors, as lawyers, as chefs, as business, entrepreneurs, as scientists, as computer engineers, etc.

It has been quite a few years that our team members are working in different sectors towards women empowerment and for girl child and women care. We take immense pride in sharing that with comprehensive plans and schemes, we managed to give several women a better-quality life. Now, to extend the help to a wider section of the society and across different parts of the world, we are coming together as one group to ensure that every women is acknowledged and given an opportunity of professional development.

While WETA is an abbreviation for Women Empowerment Telugu Association, in Telugu language it is written as “వేట,” meaning “to hunt.” We will stand by and support all the women who feel like “being hunted” in their personal or professional lives. We strongly believe that with time, constant hard work, and with support from all of you we will establish a great organization for women empowerment and development. While the logo and the website were launched on International Women’s Day 2019, we are working towards launching the organization on 29th September 2019. At WETA, we will commemorate a prominent women icon each year in addition to celebrating Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and co-organizing Bathukamma Celebrations together with various local organizations across the world.   

Finally, to all women, if you have caged your dreams until now, it’s time to set them free and let them turn into reality. Don’t let others define your boundaries, it’s time to tell them that you are capable to set your own.