Vision and Mission

Our Vision

By empowering women, we can create a better world that will embrace equality and dignity for all women. Over the years, there has been significant discrimination between a man and a woman in the society, within homes, and at work places, where the former dominated the latter. We still have cultures or regions across the globe where women are victims of abuse, assault, and inequality; where a girl child is neglected in the family and is denied even basic education. With the motive to put an end to such a conservative society, we will encourage and support women to challenge, fight, and overcome the social barriers thereby leading our future generations into a world where the women are honored and given an equal opportunity in all aspects of personal and professional life.

Our Mission

WETA will work for the welfare and prosperity of women and girl child. We aim to achieve this through different activities:

  • By contributing to the health, education, and welfare of girls, women, and elderly.
  • By creating self-employment opportunities for economically backward families so that they can support their basic needs.
  • By providing a platform where a woman can hone her skills and grow professionally while taking care of her family.
  • By motivating women to face the society with self-confidence.
  • By encouraging women to chase their dreams without the fear of social barriers.
  • By working with local authorities to develop policies and schemes that protect girl child and give young girls a safe place to live in.